5 More Great Ayurveda Recipes

Great Ayurveda Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting More!

First of all, if you have not seen our prior post on 5 Ayurveda Approved Recipes then be sure to do so at some point after taking a look at these recipes. That way you will have the entire ten recipes at your disposal. There will sure be something for everyone in among the ten recipes.

Just in case you don’t check that article out for some reason I need to put the friendly warning at the top of this article about ensuring that the recipe you choose has the right tastes to match your own body type. You can review the article The Tastes You Consume Could Poison You for more information about the importance of customizing the tastes you consume to your specific needs.

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Ayurveda encourages us to eat mindfully, seasonally, organically and healthfully. The way we eat and relate to food can be extrapolated to other aspects of our life. If our food is filled with life force, or Prana, we will have the health and energy necessary to live our lives to the fullest. For food that nourishes our bodies, minds and souls, try these five recipes which follow the principles of Ayurveda.

1. Chile-Garlic Potatoes and Cauliflower With Turmeric

Chile-Garlic-Potatoes-and-Cauliflower-with-Turmeric-Vegan-1200x800 (1)Ramey Newell 


This dish is filled with healthy spices and flavors. The Potatoes and Cauliflower are cooked with chile, garlic and turmeric as well as cumin and mustard. It’s so flavorful and delicious, the fact that it’s healthy is just bonus.

2. Ayurvedic Garam Masala

garam-masala (1)Akshata Sheelvant


The secret to the popularity of Indian curries lies in the blend of spices called that imparts the unforgettable zing to your taste buds. The word garam means “hot” and masala means “spice blend.” Garam Masala is not spicy hot; the heat refers to the Ayurvedic sense of the word, meaning “to heat the body” with the warm spices.

3. Ginger Elixir (An Ayurvedic Digestive Drink)

Ginger-Elixir-–-Ayurvedic-Digestive-Drink-1200x800Akshata Sheelvant


This Ginger Elixir is an easy to make Ayurvedic Digestive Drink, best to have during fall and winter season. Ginger acts wonders to fire up our digestive system which according to Ayurveda is the cornerstone of good health.

4. Ayurvedic Spinach-Mung Detox Soup

Spinach-Mung-Soup-2-1004x800Akshata Sheelvant


We all know how stress can take the life out of us! When we start feeling out of control, start skipping meals, have our mind starting to race, have difficulty getting sleep – our bodies are giving us early symptoms of vata imbalance. This is the time to slow down, take time to rest, enjoy nature, and savor warm soothing soups like this Ayurvedic Spinach-Mung Detox Soup!

5. Kitchari – The Nutritious Ayurvedic Detox Dish

kitchariAkshata Sheelvant


Kitchari has been Ayurveda’s age-old signature detox dish! The word “kitchari” in India means mixture of two or more grains. This dish takes a western twist with protein-rich quinoa in place of white basmati rice, which makes this Kitchari extra-nutritious and flavorful.

When we eat balanced dishes with mindfulness and gratitude, we set up our bodies for optimal health. If you’ve been thinking about eating the Ayurvedic way, start with these delicious recipes.

Lead image source: Kitchari – The Nutritious Ayurvedic Detox Dish

Source: One Green Planet

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